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Laura Laureto - About me

Laura Laureto Cortona Italy

Laura Laureto was born in 1983 in Naples, and spent her childhood there, in one of the largest and most enchanting cities of the Mediterranean. It was there that Laura fell in love with the traditional techniques of craftsmanship which she learned from her mother and her aunt. From an early age her innate originality and innovative vision emerged, and she spent much time concentrating on how to improve the design process.

She always wanted to try something new, creative and never conventional, following her own young and revolutionary vision. Around the time Laura dreamed of becoming a stylist in 1998, her family decided to move from Naples to Tuscany’s Cortona.

Overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounded her, Laura decided to attend the famous fashion school “Piero della Francesca” in Arezzo, with the idea of merging the traditional art of Tuscany, which dates all the way back to the pre-Christian Etruscans, with the style and modern techniques of fashion.

Then Laura met Mauro Cantarelli, an entrepreneur who helped her develop her talent as a designer. She began to design tailor-made products for his label, items that represented comfort, quality and impeccable style. At Cantarelli Laura was able to transform her dreams into reality.

In 2016 Laura started designed for her brand that bears her name, she personally visited her clients by organizing events in America.

For Laura, meeting customers has always been very important, a source of inspiration and growth: New York, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and California. Laura regularly travels to each of these locations becoming attached to the people and their places.

Visit Laura's boutique in the breathtaking Cortona (Tuscany), Piazza della Repubblica 18.